7090 detector with GC

Test Methods

ASTM D5504, ASTM D5623, GPA 2199-99



With a single flow path featuring dual-channel chemiluminescence detection, PACs Antek 7090 detector with gas chromatography saves time, bench space, and money. With the Model 7090's versatility, users can buy one detector now and add another later, even a flame ionization detector (FID).

Conventional element-specific detectors are not selective enough for many applications. The 7090 Series eliminates this problem by detecting nitrogen and/or sulfur compounds only without halogen, phosphorous, hydrocarbon, or atmospheric nitrogen interferences, and easily converts from nitrogen to nitrosamine-selective mode without any hardware change.

A 14" furnace provides large oxidative/reductive areas, resulting in complete sample combustion and reduction that enhances the detector's short- and long-term stability, equimolarity, and selectivity. With the dual furnace design, nitrogen and sulfur analysis can be optimized for each element. With robust ceramic pyrotubes, this unique detector also gives linear response and has sensitivity that is stable over time, providing more reliable results.



GC Detector


Features & Benefits

Simultaneous nitrogen/sulfur GC detector

Add to your FID for 3 results from 1 injection

Equimolar response for all sulfur and/or nitrogen containing compounds

Picogram sensitivity

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