8060 Detector with HPLC


PAC's ANTEK 8060 detector with high pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC) delivers a true equimolar response. This allows the measurement and analysis of a wide variety of nitrogen-containing compounds, without the need to use the target compound to calibrate the detector response.

The 8060 detector with HPLC uses chemiluminescence as a clean, fast, interference-free method to determine all in-bound nitrogen in a variety of matrices. It offers a more precise and reliable analysis when characterizing crude products of a synthesis, quantifying target compounds, or generating potency measurements.



LC Detector


Features & Benefits

Suitable for high throughput screening

Total or speciated nitrogen detection

Reduce sample preparation time

Easily added to existing HPLC systems

Sensitive 0.3 ngN

5 components yields a 5 pt calibration curve from only 1 injection

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