Quantax EDS for SEM

EDS with Slim-line Technology


Once again Bruker sets standards in performance and functionality in energy-dispersive spectrometry for the scanning electron microscope. The new generation of QUANTAX EDS features the XFlash® 6 detector series with active areas from 10 to 100 mm2.

Generation 6 provides the hardware and software technology to deliver the fastest and most reliable results:

    Save time - new slim-line technology detectors, large area SDDs, and high performance pulse processing get the job done           faster

    Save effort - motorized detector movement and light weight design make detector handling easier

    Gain more precision - best energy resolution provides the highest quality spectra for precise analysis

    Gain more reliability - the world's most comprehensive atomic database ensures most dependable low energy peak                      identification

    Gain more accuracy - the most sophisticated algorithms for quantification and the unique combination of standardless and           standard-based methods provide highest accuracy results

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