Quantax Micro-XRF

Upgrading SEMs for Trace Element Analysis


QUANTAX Micro-XRF with the XTrace micro-spot X-ray source adds the capabilities of a complete micro-XRF spectrometer to a scanning electron microscope. XTrace fits on a free inclined chamber port of almost any SEM. The user benefits from both the trace element sensitivity and the higher information depth of XRF analysis.


The user friendly Micro-XRF system for SEM

    Distribution analysis with HyperMap stores complete spectra for every map point for on- and offline analysis

    Samples can be analyzed with Micro-XRF and EDS without position change

    Both methods are integrated in the same analytical software suite - ESPRIT 2.0

    No interference with normal SEM operation, XTrace can stay in its measurement position most of the time.


A complete micro-XRF spectrometer without the investment

    Analytical results compare to those of standalone systems

    Image tiling allows mapping large areas

    Selectable primary radiation filters to suppress diffraction peaks

    Uses the SEM motorized stage

    Allows sample tilt to produce minimum spot sizes.

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