iPHEMOS-SD Inverted emission microscope

The compact design with 80 cm height enables easy docking with different types of testers. A high-sensitivity InGaAs camera and a variety of laser options enlarge the range of dynamic analysis.


● Multi-camera platform with high-precision stage
● Flexible system design
● Multiple detectors suitable for observing low voltage operating IC
● Variety of lens selection from 1× to 100×  (Optional 10-lens turret available.)
● Backside observation prober available for measurements from an entire 300 mm wafer to a single die
● Simplified tester head docking for dynamic analysis
● User friendly operation system
● Easily upgradable for future application
● High-resolution pattern image by confocal microscope


NanoLens for high-resolution and high-sensitivity observation

Using a NanoLens allows to increase the numerical aperture (N. A.) and significantly improves both resolution and light collection efficiency. This shortens detection time yet delivers high-resolution.


IR-OBIRCH analysis function

The highly popular IR-OBIRCH (Infrared Optical Beam Induced Resistance CHange) analysis function can be added as an option to detect line defects such as leakage or IDDQ defects.


Use of digital lock-in kit enhances the IR-OBIRCH analysis detection functions

Digital lock-in by the software ensures a clear and sharp image compared to analog lock-in even by short image acquisition times.


Dynamic analysis function by laser radiation

Irradiates a device with a laser beam and observes the status change (Pass/Fail) in device operation to analyze functional defects.


Sequence software

This function enables automatic measurement of Emission/IR-OBIRCH observation by following the procedure set by a user. Emission/IR-OBIRCH images can be sequentially measured and saved when connected to a semi-automatic prober. Measurements under the condition with an LSI tester or an external power source are possible as well.


EO probing unit C12323

The EO Probing Unit is a tool to observe a transistor's status through the Si substrate using an incoherent light source.

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