THEMOS mini Thermal emission microscope

THEMOS mini is thermal emission microscope with a high-sensitivity InSb camera that detects internal heat emissions from a semiconductor device. By displaying the detected thermal image superimposed onto the pattern image, THEMOS mini quickly indicates failures in the semiconductor device with high positional accuracy.


High sensitivity is achieved by:

- InSb camera having high sensitivity in the 3 µm to 5 μm wavelength region
- Lens design optimized for 3 μm to 5 μm wavelengths
- Low noise using a lock-in function (Optional)
- High cooling performance by a Stirling cycle cooler
- Noise equivalent temperature difference (NETD) is 20 mK.


High resolution is achieved by:

- InSb camera with 640 × 512 pixels (Pixel size: 15 μm)
- Thermal NanoLens is available. (Optional)


High speed detection available by *windowing function

Movie function

Dynamic measurement available by tester link

Flexible system structure for micro to macro observation

User friendly operation identical to PHEMOS and μAMOS series

Full lineup of optional features


● Short-circuit of metal wirings
● Abnormality of contact holes
● Microplasma leakage in oxide layer
● Oxide layer breakdown
● TFT-LCD leakage / Organic EL leakage localization
● Observation of temperature abnormalities in devices under development process
● Temperature mapping of devices and PC boards


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