HDA 620 - Distillation Apparatus

Test Methods

ASTM D1078, ASTM D850, ASTM D86, IP 123, IP 195, ISO 3405



Distillation analysis is perhaps the most commonly-performed test in refinery laboratories. The Herzog HDA 620 Distillation Apparatus is a simple yet versatile instrument that makes manual determination of distillation characteristics simple and economical. The HDA 620 includes everything needed to immediately begin distillation analysis including ASTM thermometers and glassware.


Features & Benefits

  • The HDA 620 can be equipped with a wide variety of time-saving, versatility-enhancing options including: Flask cooling fan; Digital vapor temperature display; Bath temperature controller; External chiller; Fire extinguishing system
  • Can even be used with the Distillation Aid for automatic distillation rate calculations and hardcopy documentation

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