AFM5500M Scanning Probe Microscope

The AFM5500M is a SPM platform equipped with a fully addressable 4-inch stage, optimized for medium-sized samples. It affords exceptional levels of ease of use, automation, and accuracy, as well as correlation for AFM/SEM investigations.


Ease of Use

Significantly simplifying the AFM operation

  • Wide-open tip and sample access
  • Fully addressable 4-inch stage eliminating the need for sample remount/rotation
  • Point-and-click function enabling easy and quick camera-based sample navigation
  • All built-in accessories allowing seamless and software-controlled mode switching


Easier, faster, and more precise AFM imaging

  • Automated cantilever exchange
  • Automated laser alignment
  • Automated image optimization (RealTune® II)
  • Automated AFM measurements following a recipe


Enhanced accuracy of AFM measurements

  • Flexure-based design providing superior flat and orthogonal scan
  • Closed-loop scanner allowing highly linear and accurate imaging
  • Low sensor noise yielding high-resolution and high-quality results
  • Tip evaluation capability ensuring probe quality and artifact-free images
  • Flat Scan

    Conventional AFM with a piezoelectric tube scanner requires data flattening or leveling because of its intrinsic curved motion. However, this flattening may distort a sample' s micro-surface structure, including its Z value. The newly developed AFM5500M is equipped with a flexure-based scanner that enables well-controlled raster scans along X and Y directions only. As a result, this advanced scanner design can effectively eliminate background curvatures in a wide scan area and improve the accuracy of AFM measurements.

  • High Orthogonality

    Using a conventional piezoelectric tube scanner can cause cross-talk when bending the tube scanner.
    This cross-talk leads to distortions and asymmetrization. The improved AFM5500M’s scanner reduces cross-talk making both accurate and symmetric measurements possible.

  • Correlation

  • Correlative AFM and SEM Imaging

    The Hitachi-proprietary SEM/AFM shared alignment holder provides quick and easy measurements and analysis of topography, structures, composition, and surface property.

  • AFM and SEM Measurements of the Same Area (Sample:Graphene/SiO2)

    Overlay images of SEM, AFM (topography), and KFM (surface potential)

    • It can be concluded from AFM cross-session height measurements that those contrast differences in the SEM image are corresponding to the variation of graphene layers in the AFM image.
    • It indicates that surface potential (work function) of graphene sheets is highly dependent on the sample thickness, i.e., the number of graphene layers.
    • High-precision 3D topographic data in conjunction with the electrical property examination provide strong evidence for identifying the root cause of captured variations in SEM contrasts.

    Hitachi High-Tech Science will continue to develop AFM-correlated systems with other types of microscopes and inspection equipment.


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