FlexSEM 1000 Compact VP SEM

The FlexSEM 1000 is a compact variable-pressure SEM that delivers the performance of a conventional SEM in a lab-friendly footprint, and requires only a standard wall outlet for power.

The FlexSEM will change your view of electron microscopy!

  • Best-in-class resolution in a compact system. The FlexSEM has employed a newly designed electrical optical system and reliability-proven high-sensitivity detector, achieving imaging at 4 nm.
  • Novel low vacuum technologies enable observation of non-conductive specimens without preprocessing.
  • The user interface is easy to operate even by novice users, and with the various automated functions, high-quality and quick data acquisition can be accomplished regardless of user experience level. Specifically, the new and enhanced navigation function, SEM MAP, helps locate the regions of interest quickly, and delivers accurate correlated optical and SEM images using only one click.

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