HF-2700 STEM / SEM

The HD-2700 is a 80-200 kV field emisison gun scanning transmission electron microscope (STEM) with seconday electron (SE) imaging capability. Bulk and surface structures of specimen can be imaged simultaneously. With the option for probe-forming aberration corrector, ultra-high resolution can be achieved for both STEM and SE imaging. The Hitachi corrector minimizes the user's effort in doing aberration correction. Large solid angle EDS and atomic spatial resolution EDS and EELS spectrum imaging are enabled.


High resolution STEM imaging

HAADF-STEM image 0.136 nm, FFT image 0.105 nm (HR lens*)
BF STEM image 0.204 nm (w/o Cs-corrector)


High-speed  & high-sensitivity EDX analysis: Probe current × 10 times

Elemental mapping in more rapid timely manner
Low-concentration element detection


Hitachi in-house Cs-corrector

Equipped with a probe-forming spherical aberration corrector developed by Hitachi, the automatic aberration correction process takes short time and does not need pre-experience for aberration correction.


Seamless solution from sample preparation to observation & analysis.

Holder compatibility with Hitachi FIB


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