HT7700 TEM

An ergonomic, digital 120kV TEM for everyone

For core microscopy facilities demanding ease of use as well as dedicated industrial labs focusing on repeatability and throughput. Ready for all applications, including biological, pharmaceutical, food safety, agriculture, polymers/soft materials, chemistry, pathology, semiconductors and nanomaterials.


  •  Identify critical sample features immediately with the viewing screen camera image on the LCD monitor while operating in daylight
  •  High contrast imaging throughout the magnification range at low beam intensities
  •  Dual – focus objective lens design allows objective aperture use from 200 x 800kx without field view limitations
  •  Auto- multiple frame capture and panoramic functions seamlessly align montages at high pixel resolution
  •  Save screening time with advanced image navigation using wholeView and Micro-trace functions
  •  Automatic functions for alignment, auto pre-irradiation and measurement included
  •  3D Tomography via Hitachi’s advanced EMIP-3D algorithm for the best reconstructions
  •  Clean and efficient turbo pump vacuum system to limit contamination
  •  Environment friendly: 30% reduction in CO2 emissions and lowest power consumption in its class

EXALENS (optional) high resolution objective lens achieves a smaller spherical aberration coefficient and higher point resolution

BF/DF STEM (optional) and EDX (optional) for analytical research and chemical mapping

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