S-3700N VP SEM

The S-3700N's huge sample chamber accommodates a variety of samples, while the flexible chamber design affords superior analytical analysis. Capable of accommodating a 300-mm diameter sample with a maximum height of 110 mm. A 5-axis motorized stage makes the large chamber ideal for a wide variety of samples.


The Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) today is extending into an ever wider field of applications, not only in academic research, but in various industries as well, and associated with this trend, samples requiring observation and analysis also cover a wide spectrum of applications. The S-3700N was developed with these widely diversified applications in mind. In its standard configuration, the S-3700N comes with a secondary electron detector, a five-segment backscattered electron (BSE) detector and a variable pressure (VP) mode.


This allows observation of most samples in their natural state or in a wet condition, without the need for metal coating, which was required in the past with conventional SEM. The S-3700N has a huge sample chamber and can accommodate samples as large as 300 mm in diameter and 110 mm tall. It also has many accessory ports to support the wide range of applications required by today's microscopists, with accessories including, for example, EDX, WDX, EBSD, a Chamber scope, and a cooling stage. This versatile and flexible system will support your needs well into the future.

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