The new dimension in image quality

Easy operation and increased throughput

SU3500 offers SEM Observation of biological to advanced materials



  • Newly designed electron optics and image signal processing delivers 7nm SE image resolution at 3kV accelerating voltage
  • Best-in-class image sharpness (S/N) at low accelerating voltages and low vacuum setting range is adjustable from 6~650Pa
  • Highly effective Automatic Focus Control (AFC) and Auto Brightness/Contrast Control (ABCC) functions reduce overall processing time. Highly effective AFC and AB/C functions deliver image processing in 7 seconds
  • High sensitivity semiconductor type BSE Detector and Ultra Variable-pressure Detector (optional) are available for analytical research
  • The robust analytical chamber of the SU3500 can accommodate EDS, WDS, and/or EBSD simultaneously

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