TM3030Plus/TM3030 Tabletop Microscope

Wildly popular and easy-to-use tabletop microscope incorporates a premium SE Detector found in our FE-SEM and VP-SEM Instruments. Compact, portable, reliable and easy-to-use, the Hitachi tabletop microscope delivers superior SE imaging without specimen preparation in a low-vacuum environment.



  • Tabletop installation and it requires only a standard 100-240V AC power supply
  • Comprehensive auto-functions, with one-click “Start”
  • Magnification from 15 to 60000x, Low vacuum operation eliminates the need for specimen preparation on even non-conductive specimens
  • SE imaging by using ultra variable-pressure detector for low vacuum operation for non-conductive, moisture, or oil contained specimens (TM3030Plus)
  • TM3030Plus allows for effective image analysis with dual signals in one image; displayed as one combined SE signal providing surface rich information and BSE signal for compositional information

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