Watson XRF


A breakthrough in XRF technology for metal alloy identification

Accurate. Affordable. Portable.

Watson at a Glance

Kapton Shield

User repleaceable kapton shield protects internal components


Front facing camera with live view helps you zero in on your target, storing a clear visual record of every analysis

Automatic Self-calibration

Watson's internal automatic calibration eliminates the need to carry around bulky metal calibration discs that are easy to lose and expensive to replace

Lithium Ion battery

Integrated 24V Lithium Ion battery pack provides you with the power you need throughout the day

Made in America

Designed and built in the USA. Supported directly from the home office in Los Angeles

Hi-Res 5" Display

Beautiful display is visible in any environment. It's the highest quality screen on the market

Ergonomic Design

Handheld ergonomic design makes Watson comfortable for all day use.

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