FPP 5Gs - Cold Filter Plugging Point

Test Methods

ASTM D 6371, EN 116, IP 309, JIS K2288, EN 16329



Ultra low temperature cold behavior testing -- powerful, portable. The FPP 5Gs is the first portable automated Cold Filter Plugging Point (CFPP) instrument that strictly conforms with IP, EN and JIS test methods. Fully self-contained with its own built-in cooling system, this instrument achieves cooling temperatures down to 69C without any external liquid connection. The FPP 5Gs is 100% user configurable -- vacuum profiles, cooling profiles, suction intervals, cleaning phase as well as many other parameters may be modified on this stand alone instrument. Advanced optics detect sample flow, eliminating the direct pipette contact required with manual testing.



Cold Filter Plugging Point


Features & Benefits

Fully self-contained cooling system enables ultra-low temperature testing; saves energy; eliminates the heat, noise, external liquid connections and toxic coolant vapors of external cooling units

Compact and portable; easily moves throughout your lab to the area where needed

Stand-alone and/or PC controlled operation

Stepped or linear sample cooling in full compliance with EN 116 and EN 16329

Tactile, solvent proof alphanumeric keypad50 results in memory

Networked, PC-controlled operation data management available with ISL's ALAN (Automatic Laboratory Analyzer Network) system

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