The ShapeGrabber Ai810 automated 3D scanner is ideal for complex shaped parts where speed, complete coverage, and ease-of-use are important. It can accommodate parts as small as a dime and as large as a small refrigerator. With the Ai810, automotive manufacturers can reduce inspection time and greatly enhance part coverage, increasing customer satisfaction by reducing defects and providing proof that specs are met.

Rapid and ecient inspection scans also reduce production equipment downtime, material waste, and human inspection error.
System Features
    • Full surface 3D quality control
    • Automated inspection in minutes
    • Easy to use
    • No CAD training required
    • Go/No Go: back to production
    • Complete design verification
    • Save and print reports
    • Save and share data
     • Reduce inspection time
     • Reduce defect ship rate
     • Increase sampling rate
     • Reduce equipment downtime
     • Improve process monitoring
     • Reduce material waste
     • Reduce human error
     • Provide proof that specs are met

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