Crude Oil Analyzer

The Crude Oil Analyzer combines the results of DHA Front End (FE) and High Temp (HT) SIMDIS analyses into one total true boiling point (TBP) report for the best performance in crude oil analysis. Standardization committees such as ASTM, IP and CEN are developing methods to allow the merging of a separate DHA analysis of the front end of a crude oil with the high temperature SIMDIS analysis. As a result of this merge, more accurate boiling point range data is obtained allowing precise cut point intervals determination for the whole crude oil. This allows for modeling end product closer to specs and ultimately less product give-away, while still meeting stringent product specifications.

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ASTM D7169, D7900, IP 545, IP 601, EN 15199-3, EN 15199-4


More Accurate Whole Crude Oil Analysis Optimizes Product Value

  • Based on high resolution DHA analysis to separate individual components for the light end of the crude oil up to and including C9 without quenching
  • Uses HT SIMDIS for the heavier components >C9 according to ASTM D7169
  • Built-in calculations ensure the amount residue (or sample recovery) is determined using an external standard
  • Intuitive AC software merges DHA and SIMDIS results into one boiling point distribution curve for the whole crude oil
  • Unique AC User Group with performance monitoring program (PMP)
  • Includes certified AC Quality Control Samples dedicated to crude oil

Proven Compliancy

  • Compliant with ASTM D7169, IP 545, IP 601 and EN 15199-3
  • Optional unique combi inlet allows analysis of both light end in crude oil (DHA FE) and light petroleum streams (naphtha/gasoline) conform ASTM D6729, D6730, D6733 and D5134

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