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Reformulyzer M4

Hydrocarbon Group Type Analysis

The Reformulyzer M4 determines full group type analysis of gasoline and gasoline blend streams using multi-dimensional gas chromatography. It is the fastest and most flexible analyzer on the market to combine analysis for Paraffins, Olefins, Naphthenes, Oxygenates, and Aromatics in one instrument.


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Excellent Performance with High Value of Return

  • Increases Profits with Fast and Accurate Analysis in 39 minutes for fast decision-making on product specification
  • Robust design reduces operational cost per sample
  • Excellent precision and accuracy contribute to higher profitability
  • Extensive analysis scope from one single instrument

Maximum System Uptime through Robust and Intelligent Design

  • Excellent olefin trap robustness for superior trap lifetime
  • Nitrogen carrier saves cost and avoids helium supply chain risks
  • Diagnostic Tool and certified AC quality control samples for system performance verification

Improved Ease of Use and More Flexibility

  • Standard olefin method covers entire concentration up to 75%
  • User-friendly design allows easy preventive maintenance by operator
  • Intuitive Reformulyzer software includes extensive range of methods and pre-programmed modes
  • Unique Reformulyzer User Group with interlaboratory comparison contributes to high confidence level and a strong QC program


PAC Performance Monitoring Program for AC Reformulyzer


Application Notes

 Analysis of E85 Ethanol Fuel Blends
 Analysis of Gasoline Blends and Finished Gasoline

 Olefin Trap Improvement

 OPIONA mode

 OPNA mode

 PIANO mode

 PIONA mode

 PNA mode

 PONA mode

 PIPNA mode

 C7 and C8 Ethers

 ASTM D6839-21 Expanded Gasoline Analysis


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