MCRT160 - Micro Carbon Residue Tester

Test Methods

ASTM D189, ASTM D4530, DIN 51551, IP 398, ISO 10370, ISO 6615, JIS K2270



Alcors MCRT-160 provides safe, simple measurement of a petroleum products tendency to thermally degrade and form coke under high temperature pyrolyzing conditions. 

Its powerful digital control over all ASTM D4530 test steps delivers results equivalent to Conradson Carbon (ASTM D189) with significantly less inconvenience or fuss. A typical D189 carbon residue analysis can easily take 90 minutes or more of a skilled operators time.

With the MCRT-160, the operator only has to weigh the initial and final samples and start the test, which allows the lab personnel to perform other tasks during the testing cycle. The MCRT-160 automatically executes the factory programmed ASTM D4530 test program. Plus, for added convenience and versatility, it can even be programmed to automate your own specialized time-temperature test profiles.



Micro Carbon Residue


Features & Benefits

    ​Processes up to 12 samples simultaneously

    User-progammable oven time-temperature sequences for custom test procedures

    Automatic , constant flow control

    Routine analysis for carbon residue from less than 0.1% to over 30%

    Overnight test mode

    Sealed oven and directed exhaust provide clean, fume free analysis

    Sample sizes from 0.1 to 2 grams

    Continually monitors temperature and nitrogen pressure

    Alerts technician when parameters exceed operation

    One Button test initiation

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