VISCOlab 4000: Small Sample Viscometer

Laboratory viscometer for accurate, reliable, repeatable viscosity readings


Test Methods

ASTM D7483



The VISCOlab 4000 is a small sample viscometer which supports up to 12 different 20:1 viscosity ranges; up to 10,000 cP with several output options. The VISCOlab4000 can display viscosity in either centipoise or centistokes, and temperature can be displayed in either C or F. This unit requires less than 2 ml of sample and produces an extremely reliable viscosity measurement.

Due to its innovative oscillating piston design, this small sample viscometer measures fluids at ambient temperatures. An optional jacket is available for temperature control with a re-circulating bath, enabling accurate viscosity measurements from -40C to 110C. In addition to the sensor, sophisticated electronics provides users with substantial flexibility, including specifying temperature and viscosity display units and data averaging intervals. This small sample viscometer incorporates a serial interface to make it easy to output data to a PC or an optional thermal printer.

Easy to use, easy to clean, easy to maintain, the VISCOlab 4000 is a highly accurate, reliable and repeatable small sample viscometer.





Features & Benefits

Proprietary and Proven Technology

Accurate and reliable

Requires less than 2ml of fluid

Data averaging

Digital displays of centipoise and centistokes

Digital temperature display in C or F

RS232 Interface

Stores up to 40 product specific test set-ups

Easy to Use

Easily installed and serviced

One moving part, the piston


Minimum bench space required

Ensure Compliance

Correlates with ASTM D445

Complies with ASTM D7483

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