Cooled Incubator XBR

The cooled incubators are ideal for keeping products at low temperature. They are suitable for biology and microbiology medical laboratory and for controls in industries.

Advantages :

- Temperature range: from 0°C up to 60°C 
- Inner casing made of particularly corrosion-resistant stainless steel
- Excellent air distribution in the working volume 
- Cooling unit located in the top part of the incubator for saving space
- Easy-to-use temperature controller 
- Safety protecting your process 

Optimized construction 

There are 2 standard volumes: 112L and 225L.

The inner casing is made of bright polished stainless steel. Stainless steel is particularly corrosion resistant. The rounded corners of the inner casing make easier cleaning operations. 

The outer plates of the oven are made of electro galvanized steel coated with white and blue paints.

An access port Ø 20 mm is centered on the left side for passing cables or probes. A silicone cork allows you to block the access port in case of non-use or to make airtight after passing cables.

A cooling unit, composed of condenser and compressor, is located in the top part of the cooled incubator for saving space.

Optimized ventilation & efficient heating and cooling

Ventilation is ensured by two fans located at the backside of the cooled incubator.

Heating is ensured by a heating element located in the air flow.

The evaporator, located in the air flow, allows temperature to cool down. A cooling unit composed of condenser and compressor and located in the top part of the incubator, feeds it.

Accurate and efficient temperature control 

Temperature control is operated by an electronic controller. It measures temperature thanks to a PT100 probe placed in the air flow. It has its own over temperature alarm and an easy-to-use and legible large screen. It has a function of cycle timer with end-of-cycle buzzer. 


The temperature safety of the cooled incubator is ensured by an independent and adjustable safety thermostat (protection class 3.1), withvisual and sound alarm. It cuts heating off in case of overheating and takes in charge control in case of main control system failure.



As a standard, the cooled incubator is delivered with 2 shelves (metal grills). Many positions are available for convenient loading/unloading. Each shelf can withstand up to 30 kg. 

Supports of shelves have an anti-tilting system.

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