Industrial Oven XL

Powerful. Efficient. Reliable.

- A more robust construction.
- More powerful for a rapid rise in temperature.
- A stronger air flow.
- A more important air renewal to vent clearances.
- More homogeneous.

Industrial ovens XL are perfectly suitable for drying applications but also for: curing, varnish curing, decontamination, degassing, debinding, dehumidification, dehydration, dessication, stress relief heat treatment, burn-in, removal of varnish, hardening, thermal tests, liquefaction, soaking, malleabilization, polymerization, post-curing, after-cure, preheating, reheating, annealing, tempering, crosslink, stabilization, sterilization, thermal storage, thermoforming, ageing…

Temperature : up to 200°C (300°C as an option)

8 volumes : 112, 343, 490, 686, 980, 1000, 1400, 1800 liters.

A strong construction for lasting performance. 

The outer casing is made of steel plate, finished in a tough stoved epoxy paint (white and blue colors).

The inner casing is made of corrosion resistant stainless steel, bright polished.

An entry port Ø 20 mm is centered on the left side for passing cables or probes. A silicone cork allows you to block the access port in case of non-use or to make airtight after passing cables.

An incredible 
heating power. 

The rise in temperature is very fast.
Heating is ensured by sheathed stainless steel heating elements, ideally positioned in the air flow and controlled by SSRs.

No contact between inner and outer casing. The thick insulation, asbestos-free, allow :
- excellent thermal stability,
- low heat dissipation,
- reduced energy costs,
- low surface temperatures.

A powerful vertical airflow which accelerates the drying process. 

The air is sucked upwards through the fan (protected by a stainless steel sheet). Air passes over the temperature sensor and the heating elements. The heated air is distributed in the bottom of the oven through the whole width and then re-circulated by the fan.

An adjustable fan speed device can be installed as an option. 

An amazing temperature homogeneity.

The powerful air flow increases the homogeneity of the temperature inside the volume.

A wonderful air change 63, 80 or 100mm diameter (depending on the model) new air inlet and hot air outlet are located on the top of the oven. Their opening is adjustable in order to control the air change rate. 

The air exhaust chimney is directly connectable to an extraction system.

The C3000 temperature controller :
-accuracy and reliability.

The C3000 temperature controller developped by FRANCE-ETUVES is a highly accurate and highly reliable microprocessor. 
Very efficient and extremely easy to use. Measurement by PT100 sensor. PID electronic regulator. Accuracy: 0.1 ° C.

Functions :
- Setpoint display and that measured.
- Delayed Start : 1min to 99h59min.
- Heat ramp.
- Heating timer from 0 to 99h59min.
- Repeat loop.
- Buzzer at the end of a cycle.
- Over temperature alarm.

Note : It is possible to control the oven from a computer with an RS232 serial connection cable. 

An independent adjustable safety controller with digital display (class 3.1 protection) protects your products. It measures the temperature in the volume, and supports the regulation in the event of failure of the temperature controller. It cuts the heating elements off in case of overheating until the temperature has dropped below the value of the setting. 

An independent over temperature thermostat with manual reset (class 2 protection) protects the oven. It checks if the temperature rises unusually. Heating is then cut.

In case of failure of the ventilation fan, the heating is stopped. 

Different visual alarms warn the operator in case of ventilation problem or overheating.

Loading shelves

XL industrial ovens are delivered with 2 shelves (metal grills). 

Many positions are available for convenient loading/unloading.
Each shelf can withstand up to 30 kg. 
Supports of shelves have an anti-tilting system. 

Additional shelves that can withstand up to 60 kg are available as accessories.

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