15 years of experience in the oven dedicated to composite

Our ovens dedicated to composite are adapted to your different composite manufacturing processes: prepreg, RTM, infusion, filament winding, winding, honeycomb drying, (pre-preg ) heating of molds, injection of resin under vacuum into molds, polymerization (under vacuum), baking, post-baking, prototyping, drying, thermoforming, etc.

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They are used in various branches of the composite industry: aeronautics (helicopter blades, aircraft parts, ceramic matrix composite engines, etc.), water sports (boat hulls, etc.), electricity (tubes for THT insulator, etc.), armament, space (tubes for thrusters, etc.), transport (armament of catenaries), pharmaceuticals, chemicals (dental resin, etc.), glass, rubber, cement, plastic, automobile, sport (arcs, boards, skis, etc.), wind turbines (blades) ,…

Because your process is unique, so is your oven. The experience acquired in the field of composites allows us to offer you ovens perfectly suited to your specifications, with a wide range of options and accessories.

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