Applications such as maintenance and qualification testing of electronic equipment mounted in drilling tubes for the petroleum industry as well as the polymerization of long composite parts (helicopter or wind turbine blades) have need the manufacture of box ovens, a specialty of FRANCE ETUVES.

As a standard model, these chest ovens measure 4 m with a useful volume of 360L. They heat up to 200 ° C.

The stainless steel sheet interior is corrosion resistant. The exterior is made of electro-galvanized sheet steel covered with epoxy paint. The oven is fixed on a sturdy frame with swivel casters which ensures easy and easy movement.

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Above, the two ends of the oven can be dismantled to achieve the possible coupling of two or more ovens of the same type. This system makes it possible to adapt the oven to the lengths of the different parts to be oven-safe, ensuring the continuity of the process in complete safety.

The oven is loaded from the top with a 90 ° door opening to free the oven entrance and allow easy loading.

The ventilation speed is adjusted so as to accelerate the drying phase and the homogenization of the temperature in the oven. The hot air is distributed horizontally throughout the useful volume. Adjustable deflectors make it possible to adapt the direction of the air flow.

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