Laboratory Furnace XKL

Performances : 

- Temperature range: up to 1200°C 
- Electronic PID controller 
- Ramping to set up temperature
- Temperature fluctuation: less than ± 1°C

From compact design, Control panels are at the bottom part of the furnaces to minimise their size. 
The inner casing is made of ceramic fiber.
The outer casing is made of stainless steel. 
The optimized heat insulation is made of ceramic fiber totally asbestos-free, ensuring efficient operation, low external temperature and excellent thermal stability. 
In addition to the insulation, double skin design with air gap be- tween the insulated chamber and outer body keeps the outer body at low temperature, especially the door. 

The heater surround the chamber to ensure homogenous heating. 
No-wear switching (solid state relay) is used for activating and deactivating the heating elements. 
The micro switch at door edge cut off heating. 

Exhaust air, fresh air supply
A 20 mm diameter exhaust vent is provided at the rear of the furnaces. 
Temperature control and safety thermostat
Temperature sensor is a S thermocouple. The temperature is controlled by a precise microprocessor-based controller that provides a high accuracy and prevents the set temperature from being exceeded. 
The alarm integrated inside the controller has an adjustable deviation limit, giving a class 3.1 protection. The controller digitally displays the set and actual values of temperature and incorporates a heater indicator lamp. The control panel houses a ON/OFF switch turn the furnace on and off. 

Our incubators are designed to answer to all biological, medical, pharma- ceutical, hygiene industry laboratories for microbiological and most stan- dard incubation processes, quality controls, tempering, thermal storage.
Temperature : max 80°C

Accurate and efficient incubators, natural or forced convection ! 
On models XB032, XB058 and XB112 , it is possible for you to completely stop the ventilation inside the incubator.

A robust manufacturing that meets
quality requirements.

The outer plates of the oven are made of electro galvanized steel coated with white and blue paints.
The inner casing is made of bright polished stainless steel, particularly corrosion resistant. The rounded corners of the inner casing make easier cleaning operations.
The control panel is located on the top part of the oven for smallest space requirements. 
Low power consumption.

An entry port is centered on the left side for passing cables or probes. A silicone cork allows you to block the access port in case of non-use or to make airtight after passing cables.

The incubator is equipped with an internal light activated by a switch located on the control panel.

Air tightness of the door is ensured by a long-lasting stabilized silicone seal. It is easily removable for an easy and quick cleaning. 

An optimized ventilation for an amazing temperature homogeneity.

Ventilation is provided by one or two fan(s) motor. It speeds up the drying process and homogenizes heating in the working volume. Inside the oven, air is sucked by the impeller. It is heated by the heating elements, then is blown into the working volume. A speed controller on the control panel allows you to adjust fan speed.

The speed fan controller on XB032, XB058 and XB112 allows you completely stop the ventilation inside the incubator. 

It is possible to create an air change inside the working volume. Thanks to an adjustment button, open more or less the flap of the air outlet(s) located at the backside of the oven. Hot air escapes from the air outlets and is replaced by ambient air.
You can connect the Ø 35 mm air outlet towards an extraction system.

The C3000 temperature controller :
accuracy and reliability.

The C3000 temperature controller developped by FRANCE-ETUVES is a highly accurate and highly reliable microprocessor. 
Very efficient and extremely easy to use. Measurement by PT100 sensor. PID electronic regulator. Accuracy: 0.1 ° C.

Functions :
- Setpoint display and that measured.
- Delayed Start : 1min to 99h59min.
- Heat ramp.
- Heating timer from 0 to 99h59min.
- Repeat loop.
- Buzzer at the end of a cycle.
- Over temperature alarm.

The temperature safety of the oven is ensured by an adjustable and independent safety thermostat (protection class 3.1), with visual and sound alarm.

It cuts heating off in case of overheating and supports control in case of main control system failure.

It's possible to control the oven with a computer through a RS232 cable.

Loading shelves

Ovens are delivered with 2 shelves (metal grills). 

Many positions are available for convenient loading/unloading.
Each shelf can withstand up to 30 kg. 
Supports of shelves have an anti-tilting system. 

Additional shelves that can withstand up to 60 kg are available as accessories. 

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