Glassware Drying Cabinets

Glassware drying cabinets are designed to dry and store glassware by injecting air into the volume at an adjustable temperature up to 60 ° C. The moderate air circulation inside the cabinet is also suitable for gentle drying.
They are functional, easy to use, easy to maintain and economical.

Ergonomic construction

Two volumes: 320 liters and 800 liters.
The double-leaf door is made of impact-resistant safety glass, which allows you to always see what has been stored in the cabinet.
The interior and exterior are made of electro-galvanized sheet metal covered with white epoxy paint.

The control panel is placed in the upper part of the cabinet.

The XAS800 model has swivel casters for easy movement of the cabinet. A foot integrated in the casters and adjustable in height allows the cabinet to be stabilized and leveled.


Heating is provided by hairpin resistors under stainless steel shielding, ideally placed in the air flow.

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