Microbiological Incubators

Our XBE bacteriological incubators allow you to maintain your products at a temperature of up to 80 ° C maximum with great precision. In particular, they are designed to meet the applications of all biological, bacteriological, medical, pharmaceutical laboratories and for most standard incubation processes at 37 ° C, quality controls, etc.

Maximum temperature: 80 ° C

XBE incubators have the FRANCE ETUVES C3030 regulator which will allow you to make a temperature program of up to 8 segments (4 programmable temperature ramps (° C / min) and 4 temperature maintenance stages (max 9999min).

Precise and efficient incubators, in natural and forced convection!

On models XBE032, XBE058 and XBE112, you can completely stop the ventilation inside the incubator.

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