Our XFP vacuum ovens are suitable for applications for drying * sensitive products, degassing, heat treatment of materials at risk of oxidation, rapid drying of powders and granules in laboratories as well as in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, plastics, electronics, chemicals or food.

For any drying application, please contact us to explain precisely your needs on 0164213060. We will be able to offer you the appropriate equipment.

Maximum temperature: 200 ° C **
** We can offer temperatures above 200 ° C, consult us!

Vacuum measurement range (absolute pressure) :
up to 1 mbar (10-2 mbar optional)

Air cooling option
Some models can be equipped with tank cooling by ambient air.
Effectively shorten your cycle times.
Consult us.

6 volumes: 20, 51, 110, 220, 316 and 512 liters.

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