Large Industrial Oven XXL

The XXL large industrial ovens have been designed for all application of curing, polymerization, coating, preheating, heating, drying, vitrification, stabilization….on all types of products: prepregs, free-solvent paints and glues, molds, tools, glasses, compact powders, resins, metallic parts, electronic parts, elastomer… in any type of industrial environments. 

Temperature : maximum 200°C (300°C as option)


- Rapid heating-up
- Temperature fluctuation: less than ±0,5°C
- Homogeneity at 105°C: less than ±2°C
- Homogeneity at 200°C: less than ±3°C
- Optimized insulation for low energy consumption
- Robust construction, durability 

The best of industrial oven 

The internal sheets are made of electrogalvanized steel. The external sheets are also made of electrogalvanized steel coated with white and blue epoxy paints.

Insulation is constituted with glass wool. The optimized insulation and no thermal bridge between the inner and outer casings enable to minimize heat losses, to speed heating-upand to reduce surface temperatures. This allows an excellent thermal stability and a power consumption decrease.

Up to the XXL02.7 model, ovens have a single door, hinges to the right. From the XXL03 model, ovens have a double-leaf door with an inner handle allowing an operator that has been accidently shut up in the oven to free.

All control devices are located on the left side of the oven.

You can pass different cables and probes through a Ø 20 mm access port with silicone cork located on the left side.

The XXL ovens have been designed for a loading with trolley. The floor is a front-beveled thin sheet allowing an easy access. 

An amazing temperature homogeneity 

Thanks to their exclusive ventilation system and to their efficient heating system, our XXL ovens guarantee excellent temperature uniformity.

Ventilation is forced convection. Our engineers studied ventilation thanks to a fluids simulation software. We guarantee the best heat distribution possible. 

The fan is located on the top of the oven. Working volume’s air is sucked by the impeller, is reheated by the heating system then is blown into the working volume from the back part on the whole width. 

Heating is ensured by heating elements, ideally placed in the air flow. 

Air change system

The oven is equipped with an air change system composed of air inlet and outlet with adjustable flaps. 

The C3000 temperature controller :
accuracy and reliability.

The C3000 temperature controller developped by FRANCE-ETUVES is a highly accurate and highly reliable microprocessor. 
Very efficient and extremely easy to use. Measurement by PT100 sensor. PID electronic regulator. Accuracy: 0.1 ° C.

Functions :
- Setpoint display and that measured.
- Delayed Start : 1min to 99h59min.
- Heat ramp.
- Heating timer from 0 to 99h59min.
- Repeat loop.
- Buzzer at the end of a cycle.
- Over temperature alarm. 

It's possible to control the oven with a computer through a RS232 cable. 

A safe working 

Stop fan and heating when the door is opened.

A safety protects the fan against overload; a visual alarm informs operators of a ventilation problem.

An independent electronic safety (protection class 3.1) protects your products by turning off heating when the temperature is exceeded and takes charge of the control if the main control system fails. It measures temperature in the working volume thanks a J thermocouple.

An independent mechanical safety with reset(protection class 2) protects the oven by turning off heating in case of overheating. 

Visual alarms inform operators of overheating problems. 

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