Vacuum Oven low vacuum XFL

Our vacuum ovens are easy-to-use, easy to handle and easy to control. They have functional and useful equipments adapted to all under vacuum applications.

They are suitable for gentle drying of sensitive products, thermal treatments of oxidizable materials, quick drying of powders and granulate… in pharmaceutical, cosmetics, plastics, electronics, chemical, agrifood… laboratories or industries. 

Advantages :

- Temperature range: up to 200°C (300°C as an option).
- Low vacuum (up to 1 mbar).
- Precision of the controller: 0,1°C.
- Temperature time fluctuation: less than ±0,2°C.
- Temperature measurement by a PT100 probe placed in the working volume in order to display the most possible precise temperature.

A solid construction for lasting performance

Five standard sizes: 20, 50, 120, 240 and 512 liters.
The inner casing with rounded corners is made of corrosion resistant strong thick stainless steel (4 mm), reinforced for 120L to 512L models. 
No contact between the inner and outer casings for no thermal bridge and low surface temperature.
Insulation is made of 110 up to 140 mm asbestos-free glasswool (according to the models).
The door is equipped with a thick safety glass (10 up to 15 mm thick according to the models).
The silicone seal of the door is easy-to-remove for an easy cleaning.


Heating is ensured by heating elements located on outer faces of the inner casing in order to ensure the best homogeneity. Solid-state relays are used for activating the heating elements without contact and interference. 

Vacuum control

The vacuum level is displayed by a digital device between 0 and -1 bar. A piezoelectric sensor allows to digitally display pressure with a resolution of 1 mbar.

Temperature control

A PT100 probe ensures temperature measurement. The C3000 PID digital controller digitally displays the set point and the measured temperatures.


An independent adjustable safety thermostat (protection class 3.1) cuts off heating in case of a failure of the main control system and protects the oven and the load. 


Vacuum ovens are equipped in standard with one shelf and its supports. Multiple positions shelving for convenient loading / unloading. 

Pumps types

As an option, we can propose to you vane pump from 4 up to 25 m3/h. 
Other pump models and technologies are available on demand: diaphragm dry vacuum pumps, roots…

The C3000 Controller : accurate and efficient

The PID digital controller FRANCE-ETUVES C3000 offers the following functions :
- Temperature measurement by Pt100 Ω probe.
- Set and actual temperature display.
- Delayed start: from 1mn to 99h59 mn.
- Heating ramp.
- Heating timer: 0 à 99h59 mn.
- Repeat loop.
- Buzzer at the end of the cycle.
- Over temperature cut out. 

An independant over temperature thermostat (class 3.1 protection) cut out with an adjustable upper limit, to protect users, your products and the oven.

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