iPHEMOS-MP Inverted Emission Microscope

The new platform integrating 1K InGaAs Camera C8250-35 provides a macro emission image of the highest sensitivity. It is possible to integrate multiple detectors for near IR to thermal observation and 2 laser ports for laser based measurements such as OBIRCH, DALS, laser probing etc. Various measurements can be done without changing device set-up. Direct docking with LSI tester for functional failure is also possible.

LCD monitor lamp(s) contains mercury, dispose according to local, state or federal laws.



  •   Multi-camera platform with high-precision stage
  •   Flexible system design
  •   Multiple detectors suitable for observing low voltage operating IC
  •   Variety of lens selection from 1× to 100×  (Optional 10-lens turret available.)
  •   Backside observation prober available for measurements from an entire 300 mm wafer to a single die
  •   Simplified tester head docking for dynamic analysis
  •   User friendly operation system
  •   Easily upgradable for future application
  •   High-resolution pattern image by confocal microscope


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