PHEMOS-1000 Emission microscope

The PHEMOS-1000 is a standard model high-resolution emission microscope that includes an IR confocal laser scan microscope. From a socket board to a 300 mm double-sided wafer prober, the PHEMOS-1000 flexibly corresponds to device environment and set-up. It can also accommodate the highly sensitive NIR camera and the high-resolution NanoLens as options. There are various options including IR-OBIRCH analysis, connection to an LSI tester and the CAD navigation function, all of which give the PHEMOS-1000 the ability to handle a wide range of measuring needs.

Dark box illumination lamp contains mercury, dispose according to local, state or federal laws.



● IR confocal laser scan microscope
● NanoLens for high-resolution, high-sensitivity observation (option)
● IR-OBIRCH analysis function (option)
● Dynamic analysis function by laser radiation (option)
● EO probing unit C12323-01 (option)
● High-sensitivity NIR camera for low-voltage samples (option)
● Digital lock-in kit to enhance the IR-OBIRCH detectability (option)
● 300 mm double-sided semi-auto prober installable


Display functions

Superimposed display/contrast enhancement function


The PHEMOS-1000 superimposes the emission image on a high-resolution pattern image to localize defect points quickly. The contrast enhancement function makes an image clearer and more detailed.

Display function
• Annotations
  Comments, arrows, and other indicators can be displayed on an image at any location desired.
• Scale display
  The scale width can be displayed on the image using segments.
• Grid display
  Vertical and horizontal grid lines can be displayed on the image.
• Thumbnail display
  Images can be stored and recalled as thumbnails, and image information such as stage coordinates can be displayed.
• Split screen display
  Pattern images, emission images, superimposed images, and reference images can be displayed in a 4-window screen at once.

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