HCP 852 - Cloud and Pour Point

Test Methods

ASTM D2500, ASTM D5853, ASTM D6892, ASTM D97, IP 15, IP 219, IP 444, ISO 3015, ISO 3016, JIS K2269



The HCP 852 Automatic Cloud & Pour Point Tester utilizes standardized methods for pour point and cloud point determinations. The HCP 852 Automated Pour Point and Cloud Point Analyzer removes human variability from the analysis. The HCP 852 is the only automatic analyzer that performs measurements exactly according to their respective ASTM test procedures, controlling each step with microprocessor precision. Sophisticated robotics control all sample movement, and to complete the process, a high resolution CCD video detection system simultaneously examines the entire sample for movement (pour point) and crystal formation (cloud point). For customized performance, HCP 852 accommodates up to four user-programmed test procedures, which can deviate from standard procedures while still maintaining overall test methodology. Sample cooling is also user defined and can be decreased in steps (those defined by ASTM D 97 or ASTM D 2500 or your own), at a constant rate, or using delta temperature.



Cloud Point, Pour Point


Features & Benefits

  • Automates pour and cloud point analyses with microprocessor precision
  • Provides unparalleled precision and accuracy
  • Stand-alone or networked operation
  • Simple to operate and maintain
  • Allows standardized or customized testing
  • Operates in stand-alone and multi-analyzer network configurations
  • Provides thorough documentation of all test parameters and results
  • Sends data to any connected serial device, including printers or network

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