OptiFlash - Pensky Martens

Safe and Easy Flash Point Determination


Test Methods
ASTM D93, EN ISO 2719, IP 34, ISO 2719, JIS K2265, GB/T261



The OptiFlash Pensky Martens determines the flash point of petroleum products, biodiesels, solvents, fluxed bitumen, food, and beverages up to 400C. It complies to leading global standards, such as ASTM D93, ISO 2719, EN ISO 2719, IP 34, JIS K2265, and GB/T 261.

The OptiFlash provides several benefits to our customers, including:

    Significantly Improved Ease of Operation

        Start a test with three simple steps

        Automatic lift arm for hands-free cup cover installation no need to install the cup cover with the sensors and shutter drive

    Easy Cleaning

        Cup cover and shutter can be easily removed

        Keep highly viscous samples at elevated temperatures to keep the sample hot and liquid

    High Safety Standards

        Built-in fire extinguisher with an ultra fast optical fire detector which can identify a fire in the complete area around the test cup

        Detect even abnormal samples which can form flames outside of the test cup

        Enhanced tilt angle of the lift arm ensures no sample drops can fall inside of  the heater block

    Proven Performance and Robustness

        Hands-free operation minimizes risk to damage the igniter during installation and cup cover handling

        Automatic QC procedure with QC chart on the instrument screen for trend monitoring



Flash Point Pensky-Martens

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