AQ-300 Karl Fisher Coulometric Titrator

 Looking for a reliable, easy-to-use coulometric Karl Fischer titrator on a tight budget?

Then look no further than the Aquacounter AQ-300.

With state-of-the-art performance features, like a fritless cell option, the AQ-300 offers the same fast and accurate results you've come to expect from other AQUACOUNTER products.




  • All components are integrated in a small footprint of 31 cm (W) × 27 cm (D).
  • Saves valuable bench space.


  • No need to determine the KF reagent titre. Just flip the POWER on, the titrator will be ready to run within 30 minutes. Simple as 1,2,3 Go!


  • 4 user defined methods can be stored in memory and easily recalled according to samples.
  • Up to 20 results can be stored with statistics calculation.
  • Detection limit goes down to several ppm.


  • Equipped with two RS-232C ports for balance and computer connection.
  • Standard package includes AQUANet data download software, instruction movie, application guidebook and more.

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