Automatic Coulometric Karl Fischer Titrator AQ-2200 Series

AQUACOUNTER® offers a new style of Karl Fischer Titrator that is both economical and eco-friendly!


The AQ-2200 Karl Fischer coulometric high-end titrator is ideal for the trace level moisture determination with its excellent capability and upgraded performance. The new design comes with a built-in printer and a wide color LCD touch panel but yet compact. With enhanced memory capacity, results and parameters can be stored in a USB memory stick, or can be viewed by a PC with a LAN connection.


Measurement functions are greatly improved

Precision on ultra trace level moisture determination (lower than 10 µg) is improved by a special measurement mode by continuous electrolysis.

Less reagent and waste

Single-chamber small size cell will require only 25 mL of anode solution but no cathode, helpful to cut back cost and waste.

Two KF channels run in parallel

Combining one additional KF station with either volumetry or coulometry enables two different measurements to be performed at the same time!

Color LCD touch panel with more informative and easy-to-operate display

Current status, data and function keys are displayed on a 7.5" screen. All helpful and necessary information is always at hand!

USB interface for data storage

Results and parameters can be stored in a USB flash memory stick.

Browse data by PC on a LAN connection

Result data with curves can be viewed on your PC internet browsing program without optional software.

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