Differential Scanning Calorimeter DSC7020

DSC7020 is the high-end versatile model which achieves high sensitivity, high resolution, the increased measurement range up to 3.5 times compared to the existing tools, and the dramatically increased basic performance.
DSC7020 is suitable for the widest application range including the measurement and analysis of the weak transitions, low mass samples, and safety evaluation tests.

1. High Sensitivity


Realized 0.2 µW sensitivity with Digital optimize technologies. It is possible to measure glass transition temperature with 10 µg sample only.


2. Highly Improved Cooling Performance

Newly designed cooling systems including Auto LN2 Gas Cooling System and Electronic Cooling System are available. The cooling performances of both systems are improved.



3. High Throughput Measurement with Full Line-Up Options

Auto-Sampler Unit and Mass Flow Controller options improve high effective measurements.


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