H-9500 TEM

The H-9500 is a 100-300 kV TEM with LaB6 electron gun. This is a user-friendly workhorse for atmoic-resolution TEM imaging and routine structural characterization. The excellent imaging capability also makes the H-9500 a platform for in-situ TEM. Various Hitachi in-situ heating TEM specimen holders enable the imaging of dynamic structural changes at elevated temperatures. A special version for gas environmental in situ TEM is available.


User -friendly operation

Windows® compatible GUI design.
High specimen throughput, 1 minute for specimen exchange and 5 minutes for voltage ramp up (300 kV) and beam on.


Stable high resolution microscopy

Point-to-point resolution of 0.18nm and lattice resolution of 0.1nm.
A stable 5-axis eucentric goniometer stage.


Excellent  performance reliability

Field-proven 10-stage accelerator gun design.
High voltage resistor cable design.


Valuable  optional accessories

Compatible specimen holder for use with Hitachi TEM, FIB and STEM systems.
A variety of specimen holders that provide heating, cooling and gas-injection capabilities for atomic resolution dynamic studies.

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