HF-3300 FE TEM

The HF-3300 is a 100-300 kV TEM/STEM/SEM powered by Hitachi's state-of-the-art cold field emission technology for high-brightness and high-energy resolution. Capabilities needed for daily material structural characterizations and analysis are provided. Unique electron optical designs include spatially resolved EELS and double biprism electron holography(special order). The simultaneous secondary electron imaging and STEM imaging reveal surface and bulk structures at the same time. A special version for gas environmental TEM or aberration-corrected microscopy is available.


High brightness Cold Field Emission (Cold FE) electron source

Cold field emission electron source benefits nanoscale analysis with its high brightness and high energy resolution. Its inherent high coherency greatly contributes to ultrahigh resolution imaging and electron holography*.


300kV accelerating voltage

300kV accelerating voltage allows atomic resolution imaging for thick specimens. Metals and ceramics with high atomic numbers are less electron transparent and often need to be observed at 300kV accelerating voltage.


Unique analytical capabilities

Newly introduced spatially resolved EELS* and in situ SEM/TEM imaging* nanobeam electron diffraction provide sophisticated and unique analytical capabilities.


Holder linkage with FIB system*

Hitachi FIB-compatible specimen holder* requires no tweezer handling of TEM grid between FIB fabrication and TEM observation and ensures high sample throughput TEM analysis. Hitachi's unique specimen rotation holder*enables real-time multidirectional structural analysis together with STEM unit*.


User -friendly operation

Windows-based TEM/STEM* computer control, motor-driven movable aperture, and 5-axis motor stage make the high-end TEM more easily to access, 10 minutes high voltage ready and one minute specimen exchange result in high sample throughput for TEM analysis.



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