IM4000 Plus

IM4000Plus Hybrid broad ion beam system for flatmilling ™, and Cross-section Milling in one unit. Traditional mechanical sample preparation via grinding and polishing can result in deformation, flaws, and artifacts that obscure the true structure of the material. Hitachi offers and ion milling system that can eliminate mechanical stress along the surface of mechanically polished metallographic mounts and produce cross sections of various materials and specimens



  •   Argon Ion Gun design allows for higher throughput with a reduction of cross-section processing of up to 66%

  •   Reduce turn-around time from ion milling to SEM observation with compatible stage adapters

  •   Ion beam intermittent irradiation modes, Cooling temperature controller with Cryo system (optional), Cooling block (optional) for ion milling thermally sensitive materials

  •  Optional Air Protection holder works seamlessly with SEM, eliminating sample exposure to atmosphere

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