The Hitachi NE4000 nanoEBAC is an electron beam based probing system for electrical characterization and EBAC analysis and imaging of microelectronic device interconnects, materials, and components.


  • Provides high quality EBAC images with Hitachi's patented high performance EBAC amplifiers.
  • Intuitive GUI(Graphical User Interface) with various image and color processing functions.
  • Field Proven, low chromatic aberration, Cold Field Emission (CFE) electron gun for low accelerating voltage imaging and reduced beam damage of the circuit.
  • High precision nano-probe units.
  • Coarse positioning of probes is accomplished by an integrated in-chamber CCD camera system.


EBAC technique offers a quick and effective method to identify interconnect opens, and high resistance and shorts without direct probing techniques of lower level layers.
EBAC utilizes the electron beam to pass through the dielectric layers allowing the lower level metallization layer to absorb the electron beam current. The electron beam accelerating voltage of the FESEM controls the probing depth of penetration through the dielectric layers. A single probe is placed on the exposed, upper layer metallization to complete the circuit and allow electron flow through the interconnect. 
Observation of high resistance and shorts due to Seebeck effect is possible by using two probes and Hitachi patented differential EBAC amplifiers.

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