NX2000 FIB-FESEM / Triple Beam System

Large chamber TEM sample preparation FIB-SEM system


  •  Real- time SEM monitoring during FIB and AR/Xe beam milling (optional) for accurate end point detection without changing conditions
  •  ACE function (ACE: Anti Curtaining Effect) allows to reduce curtaining effect and uniformly – thick lamellas (optional)
  • Triple Beam system (optional) provides high throughput and for ultra-thin sub 20nm lamellae
  • Cold field Emissionb(CFE) gun for high resolution and high contrast SEM Imaging
  • 4-axis micro-sampling system with rotation mechanism for Anti Curtaining Effects (ACE Function, Optiona)
  •  Large Chamber and 200mm stage to accommodate large samples such as 8-inc wafer and 5-axis motorized stage
  •  Configurable with low voltage Ar/Xe ion beam column (optional) for a triple beam system for enhanced Ga FIB-induced damage reduction
  •  Multi-gas injection system (optional) for deposition of various materials and enhanced etching applications
  •  Automated functions for multiple site material processing, patterning and segmentation for samples (optional)

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