The Cold Field Emission source is ideal for high-resolution imaging with a small source size and energy spread. Innovative CFE Gun technology contributes the ultimate FE-SEM with superior beam brightness and stability, affording high-resolution imaging and high-quality elemental analysis. Unique object lens design has a capability of EELS and diffraction as well.

The SU9000 is HITACHI's new premium SEM. It features unique electron optics, with the sample positioned inside a gap between the upper and lower parts of the objective lens pole piece. This so-called true in-lens concept - combined with the next generation of HITACHI's cold field emission technology - guarantees the highest possible system resolution (SE resolution 0.4 nm @ 30 kV, 1.2 nm @ 1 kV without requiring beam deceleration technology [0.8nm with beam deceleration]) and stability.

In addition to pure, unsurpassed resolution, the SU9000 is also equipped with a remarkable 2+2 detection system for sample surface, composition and transmission observations.

The combined use of the patented Super ExB filter with the first upper detector allows users to filter and collect SE and LA-BSE signal energies of interest, thereby suppressing charging artifacts and showing topographical details, and the top detector selectively receives HA-BSE signals, providing topography-free information of material and crystallographical orientation differences. This signal selection technology makes the SU9000 a preferred system for catalyst and other areas of research as well as for biological and pharmaceutical immunolabeling applications when used in combination with a cryogenic sample holder.

The SU9000 is also an incredibly powerful low-kV STEM, often exhibiting higher contrast on critical sample features than high-energy S-TEM systems. In addition, simultaneous Brightfield and annular Darkfield imaging is possible with the Darkfield detector settable to 56 different positions for an optimized selection of Z-contrast of the pattern of interest.

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