SU8200 series UHR FESEM

Broadening technology for continued advancement- A novel CFE gun for improved imaging and analytical performance-

SU8200 series FE-SEM (SU8220/SU8230/SU8240) has a newly designed CFE Gun, beam deceleration voltage that can provide a landing voltage from 10 – 2,000V. Adding a Top Detector Filtering System for enhanced detection specificity, and incorporating with large solid angle EDS or EBSD system, nanometer level morphological observation or compositional analysis is realized and to be utilized for multilateral analysis on new materials such as soft materials, polymer, catalysts, etc.



  •   A novel cold field emission (CFE) gun for improved imaging and analytical performance
  •   New electron optics with extended beam deceleration voltage range (10 – 2000V)
  •   Top Detector Filtering System (optional)
  •   Throughput on specimen analysis is dramatically improved utilizing with a high sensitivity EDS or EBSD

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