Thermomechanical Analyzer TMA7000 Series

TMA7000 has super high sensitivity. It can measure a wide range of samples, including thin film and small samples, because the total measurement method has no shape restrictions.
Furthermore, the unit can be switched to push, penetration or tension mode by simply exchanging the probe. A full lineup of options, including an automatic cooling unit, ensures ease of use and highly accurate measurement.


1. High Sensitivity

TMA7000 is equipped with newly developed “Z-stabilizer” signal optimization technology, which cuts noise levels to achieve highly sensitive measurements.


2. Under the High Temperature and High Humidity

Additional options allow measurement under high temperature and high humidity conditions. Furthermore, it is extensible to swelling and vacuum measurements.


3. The Eco-Friendly Cooling Unit

The eco-friendly cooling unit cuts liquefied nitrogen consumption by approximately 40% (compared to previous models). Electrical cooling units that do not use liquefied nitrogen can also be connected.


4. Effective Atmosphere Control

A mass flow meter can be incorporated into the gas control so the atmosphere can be efficiently controlled by not only the purge gas ON/OFF switch but also programmed flow rate control.


5. Improved Temperature Control Function

The new built-in temperature control function is designed to reduce the gap between the program temperature and the measurement sample temperature and improve temperature compliance.


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