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Scanning Acoustic Mircoscope

The IS-350 Scanning Acoustic Microscope is the versatile workhorse in the InsightScan family of acoustic microscopes. Its large sample holder and scan area, high spatial resolution, fast acquisition speed and large bandwidth make it a powerful lab instrument for high resolution R&D applications and at the same time a perfectly suitable instrument for high volume quality control in production environment.

Powerful scan technology

  • High speed technology: 1000 mm/sec scan speed, 500 MHz receiver bandwidth, 3 GHz data sampling rate
  • Dual channel data acquisition for minimizing the acquisition time on one sample, or for simultaneous data acquisition on 2 different samples
  • Simultaneous pulse-echo and through transmission acquisition supported
  • Up to 6 axis control, including 2-fold transducer tilt for wedge and contour scans

Advanced software features

  • Real time full waveform acquisition: Collected data allow offline rescanning of the sample with different gate settings
  • Advanced analysis features: Generation of virtual B-scans and tomographic C-scans from stored data files
  • Slice scan for acquisition of a virtually unlimited number of C-scans on different depth levels simultaneously
  • Multi-lingual software in English, Japanese, Chinese, French, German, …

 Wide application range

      Semiconductor and microelectronics

  • CSP and Flip Chip underfil void evaluation and delamination analysis
  • Power semiconductor integrity evaluation
  • Internal defect inspection: Inclusions, cracks, die tilt
  • Interface evaluation of bonded wafers

      Material analysis

  • Inclusion, crack and void detection in metals, plastics, resin

      Interface analysis

  • Void evaluation in welds and brazed interfaces
  • Electrostatic chuck void detection
  • Delamination of composite materials
  • Interface analysis on heterogeneous assembled materials

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