PMD 110 - Laboratory Micro-Distillation

Test Methods

ASTM D7345, GOST 2177, GOST 11011



Developed in partnership with leading university researchers, the ISL PMD 110 is a state-of-the art solution for fast and reliable response distillation analysis. It is in accordance to ASTM D7345 and in perfect correlation with ASTM D86 (groups 0-4), D1160, ISO 3405 and IP 123. Based on an innovative micro-distillation method, the PMD 110 determines the boiling range characteristics of any commercially available petroleum product, including light and middle distillates (process streams, in less than 10 minutes and using only 10ml of sample.

Thanks to its compact, robust and portable design, the PMD110 is easily installed in labs or ideal for on-site locations, for refining, for refining process control, fuel blending, research or mobile applications (fuel adulteration monitoring and fast quality screening).

A fully-automated process together with integrated smart heating mode allows true push-button operation. This makes the PMD110 exceptionally flexible to run unknown samples (research work), and also very user-friendly for for staff with limited training and exposure to laboratory equipment (e.g. inspection/customs points).



Atmospheric Distillation


Features & Benefits

Quick Distillation , High Throughput

Immediately start testing without concern over flask and measurement device adjustments or heater power settings

Receive results in under 10 minutes

Perform up to 5 tests per hour, beginning a new test immediately after one has completedno apparatus conditioning or cleaning necessary

Intelligent Analysis 

No pre-testing or programming required

Quick results validation using flexible, user-defined criteria and automatic pass/fail notification

Enhanced sensitivity to contamination levels is ideal for fuel screening

Built-in, sophisticated, quality and calibration features assure complete results traceability

Continual self-monitoring and multiple safety features ensure compliant operation

Dependable Operation and Support 

Quality construction and reliable operation backed by a limited parts and service warranty

Expert sales and service from PACs worldwide network of factory trained authorized representatives

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