Eddy Covariance System

LI-COR eddy covariance systems are designed for extreme environments and low power requirements. Choose a basic system to measure carbon dioxide, water vapor (evapotranspiration), and energy flux, or an expanded system including methane flux and additional biological and meteorological (biomet) measurements.

Our systems automatically calculate final results at the research site using the SMARTFlux® System. Optional FluxSuite™ Software makes those results available online in real time. Only LI-COR systems have these capabilities.

Improved Analyzers

LI-COR’s CO2/H2O eddy covariance analyzers are now more stable and require fewer field visits. With improved optics, the LI-7500RS Open Path CO2/H2O Gas Analyzer and the LI-7200RS Enclosed CO2/H2O Gas Analyzer are more resistant to contamination, reducing drift and allowing more time between cleanings. In addition to performance enhancements, the SmartFlux 2 System now comes standard with each CO2/H2O eddy covariance analyzer.

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