LI-8100A Soil Gas Flux System

Multiplexed Long-Term System

The multiplexed configuration measures gas exchange from soils, providing a large sample size so you can determine the flux rate with confidence.

Capable of running autonomously for months, it collects a continuous dataset from up to 16 chambers to characterize spatial and temporal variation in gas exchange over a research area.

It supports external trace gas analyzers to measure flux of CH4, N2O, CO2 isotopologues, or other gases. You won’t get these results with anything else.


Single Chamber Long-Term System

This system makes continuous automated measurements with a single chamber.

It is ideal for measurements that are widely distributed or for assessment of temporal CO2 flux.

With an external trace gas analyzer, you can use this system to measure flux of CH4, N2O, CO2isotopologues, or other gases.

Survey System

The survey system enables you to quickly conduct measurements over a study site using either the 10 cm or 20 cm chamber.

It is ideal for assessing spatial variability of CO2 flux over a site. Also supports external trace gas analyzers.

With the GPS accessory, you can generate maps of your data—to visualize results from survey or continuous measurements.


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